FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES,  Workshop by The Department of Entrepreneurship, was well attended by all the graduating students of the department and the lecturers.
Main areas discussed included but not limited to
1. Attitudinal changes in students for repositioning themselves for the challenges and opportunities in the 21st century competitive market
2. Collaborations to be better positioned to exploit the numerous opportunities in the national and international business environments.
3. Start up funding growth and development issues as well as diversification to cope with the ever fragile complex and unpredictable global market
4. The role of ICT in driving the national and international markets for Sustainable development. Technoproneurship in practice
5. The various opportunities open to graduating students in Agroproneurship.
The five resource persons centred on practical issues and experiences personal to them as experience remains the best teachers.
Two of the Resource persons are practicing entrepreneurs while the other three are teachers in entrepreneurial skills who are also practitioners in the industry. Students were given assignments on feasibility studies on any three viable ideas of their interest.
The students were thrilled greatly at the highly enriching inspiring and informative experience based case study like interactive sessions they had today.
One of the major highlights was one Entrepreneurship practitioner promised to give follow up direction and mentoring to the graduating students.