History Of Marketing Dept


The degree programme in Marketing started during the 1992/93 academic year. The programme was then run as one of the four degree options organized within the defunct Department of Management Studies. Other degree options within the then Department of Management Studies are Business Administration, Public Administration, and Cooperative Economics and Management. The academic staff that started the degree programme in this department were all part of the academic staff of the Faculty of Management Science of former ASUTECH (Anambra State University of Science & Technology) Enugu of the old Anambra State. Because of the rationalization policy of the University, the Department of Public Administration, Business Administration, Marketing were integrated into the then Department of Management Studies. So, Marketing became one of the degree programme offered in the now defunct Department of Management studies. When the amorphous Department of Management Studies was broken up in the 1999, the Department of Marketing took off as a full-fledged programme in the 1999/2000 academic year. Since then it has grown with increasing staffing, facilities, and academic programmes. Over the years, the programme has striven to meet the minimum standard of National University Commission (NUC) National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) amidst other relevant bodies. At present, the programme has to incorporate Diploma in Marketing and Entrepreneurs, PGD, MBA, MSc and PhD in marketing programmes. Also the MPhil/PhD double barrel programmes is onboard. Presently, the Department has the following academic staff:

Professors- 4
Senior Lecturer- 2
Lecturer I- 2
Lecturer II- 8
Assistant Lecturer- 3
Graduate Assistant-1

Total= 22