Philosophy and Objectives of Marketing Dept


The Department of Marketing in the Faculty of Management Sciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, shall strive to be a Centre of Excellence for the training of Marketing Professionals and scholars for the public and private sectors of the economy.



(a) Extending the frontiers of knowledge through patient and diligent research and enlightened instruction and informed reportage.

(b) Maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and character among staff and students.

(c) Pursuing balanced and well-structured curriculum development, based on the 3H Grand Strategy – teaching the Head through massive qualitative and functional education and training; sensitizing the Heart to strive for higher ethical norms and values, and greater productivity aimed at equipping the Hand with the right tools and other appropriate Inputs to perform at the place of work.

(d) Striving towards a Total Quality Service Delivery, applying proactive and pre-emptive philosophies, policies and techniques that will satisfy all internal and external public by offering unending satisfaction on a continuing basis.



The basic philosophy of this Programme is four-fold. First, the Programme is aimed at sharpening the mind and the intellect of the individual student by imparting theoretical and practical knowledge needed to function in the business world. There is also a deliberate design to inculcate a spirit of self-reliance in our graduates, with a view to making them not just job applicants at the end of their course of studies, but potential entrepreneurs and employers of labour. The third underlying philosophy is to induce a community-consciousness in the graduates of our Programme, making them thoroughly relevant to their community and society, and properly envisioned to change that environment for the better. Finally, we aim to sensitize the hearts and minds of our students towards developing genuine patriotism, integrity and dignity of labour among graduates.



The Degree Programme in Marketing has the following primary objectives:

  1. To introduce students to all aspects of the Business Administration in the first two years of the Programme.
  2. To give the students broad understanding of Marketing and related subjects in the third and fourth years of the programme;
  3. To prepare students for responsible positions in industrial, commercial, as well as, in public service and private establishments;
  4. To equip students with knowledge and techniques required for problem-solving and decision making;
  5. To prepare students for career in marketing, business management, advertising and marketing communication, public relations, marketing research, etc.
  6. To equip the students with leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and knowledge needed in business, commerce, industry, government and management.
  7. To equip the students with the skills necessary to design and develop effective marketing strategies for goods and services marketing.

Our graduates are prepared to fill middle and senior level management positions in business, commerce, industry and government. Also, with the education they receive here, they can become entrepreneurs or self-employed since the programme emphasizes entrepreneurship.


  1. c) ​ Admission Requirements:
  2. ​Students with the following qualifications can join the second year class of ​three-year degree programme in marketing.
  3. OND with upper or lower credit in Business Administration, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Public Administration, Co-operative Economics and Management and Accountancy.
  4. At least a GPA of 2.5 (on a 4 point scale) in OND or a merit in NCE

iii. Passes in relevant subjects in the Joint University Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB)

  1. They should possess five credit passess in General Certificate of Examination (GCE, or its equivalents – WASC, SSC) with two of the credit passes in English and Mathematics.
  2. Transfer students from other Universities with related and relevant courses with an average score of above C. Such students must have credit passes in English and Mathematics.
  3. Transfer students from relevant courses within the University. Such students must have completed at least one academic year in their respective department. Such students must possess credit passes in Mathematics and English.


  1. Four Year Degree Programme in Marketing (UME, Admissions)

All candidates must possess the MANDATORY CREDITS in Mathematics, English Language and Economics at the SSCE or NECO or GCE (O’Level) Examinations. These subjects must also be part of the UME subjects attempted by the candidates. They must meet the cut-off and other determined marks for the Programme and other general university entry requirements.

  1. d) ​Programme/Sub-Discipline/Discipline Structure to include period of formal studies in the Universities Industrial training, planned visit and project

INDUSTRIAL TRAINING Students are expected, where possible, to serve an internship requirement in employment with an organization – private or public – working principally in the area of marketing and entrepreneurship. The Industrial Training, which is to take place during the long vacation – at the end of the second and third years of study must be evidenced by a written report duly certified by the Department. Direct Entry students commence their industrial training after their first and second academic year in the University.