Banking & Finance

On assumption of office on 21st January, 2022 as the new Head of Department (HOD) of Banking and Finance. I considered   it necessary to present   this welcome   statement   to the body of our departmental staff and students.

It is   indeed a pleasure for me to say a “warm welcome to you all”, for a more commitment to studies.

We   have to join hands in ensuring   that we;

  • close your   knowledge  gap
  • close your skill  gap
  • close your   attitudinal  gap (KSA)

These, we   must   achieve   before you   join the world of work to face the   operative   realities   and address them as   appropriate.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. C.O. Esimone FAS Project 200 is for strict compliance. Its emphasis on “STUDENT SUCCESS” is a reassurance that to a large extent you are the reason why we   are all here. Accordingly, the expectations   are that you;

  • Attend lectures
  • Visit libraries (Departmental/Faculty/School) to consult the resources placed there.
  • Avail yourselves of Information Technology (IT) as the path way to the future.
  • Be prepared and adjust your mindset to embrace the changes in learning/teaching   and methodologies.
  • Avoid interpersonal problems.
  • Acquire key competences for it is indeed the language of performance etc.
  • The good news is that the department is blessed with   quality   lecturers and they have given me   their   words   for more   commitment   to their   primary   assignment   to ensure   that   we graduate   quality

Please, make sure you get back to us as an “ALUMNUS” for the   development of the   department, faculty and university at large.

Thank you all for your attention to this subject matter.

Dr. Lady   Anyanwu Felicia Akujinma, HCIB FIoE  Fcrmi